Calle Lima C-12, Barrio Profesional, Cuzco, Perú +51 949 719 738 / +51 958 863 759

Your Stay at Ureta Hotel is Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions:

1.- Visa and MasterCard are accepted

2.-The price per room is subject to the season

3.-The prices of additional services must be consulted at reception.

4.- Payment of 100% of the total amount of the reservation must be paid at the time of Check in.

5.-There are no money refunds. In the case of reservations, the guest has the possibility to delay their reservation and the price of the rooms will be adjusted depending on the season, the number of guests and the type of room(s) requested. A period of one year is allowed to use the reservation, after that time frame the reservation will no longer be valid.

6.- In the event of an accidental or intentional damage to an object in the room, or the towels, linen, and/or bedspreads are stained with a product or substance that damaged it integrity (texture, color, etc.) it is compulsory to report the incident to the Administration. The damage will be valuated (according to market prices) and the corresponding amount will be charged to the guest.

7.-Guests must not put the keys in the lock once in the room because in case they forgot the keys there, it will be necessary to request the service of a locksmith for opening the door and change the lock. The cost of this service (USD$64) will be charged to the guest.

8.- In case the guest lost the key of the room, he/she will be charged with USD $ 25.00 for replacement purposes

9.- It is forbidden to eat or drink alcoholic beverages inside the room (only snacks are allowed).

10.- The hotel does not allow pets or any class of animals in their premises.

11.- The hotel is a 100% non-smoking facility; a breach of this rule involves USD$ 70 extra charge for cleaning and cleansing of the room.

12.- It is the duty of the guest to protect their valuable objects in the room’s safe. Please consider that the Administration does not have a copy of the safe’s key, for that reason in case you lost it you will have to pay USD$ 47 for its replacement. The hotel is not responsible for any money, jewelry or other valuables left in the guest rooms

13.- Those registered guests are the only ones allowed to accede to the rooms. Additional non-registered guests will be charged with USD $ 31.00 for each adult and USD $ 25.00 for each child up to 10 years old. The prices are subject to change depending of the season and the Administration decision.

14.- The room’s key must be delivered when the guest is out of the premises of the hotel in order to proceed with the room cleaning. The room cleaning service is available only from 07:30 hrs. to 13:00 hrs.

15.- The heating service is available for an extra payment of USD $ 5.00. In case the guest requests the service for a whole day the cost will be USD $ 10.00.

16.- The Hotel has the right to require any guest, who is acting or promoting the execution of behaviors against moral or public order, to leave its premises.

17.- The Hotel reserves the right of admission and to require an advance payment for accommodation.

18.- The Hotel is not responsible for accidents that may occur in its premises.

19.- The check-out time is up to 10:00 hrs. Guests are encouraged to leave the room(s) before this time limit. After 10:00 hrs. they will charged for an additional day.

20.- Check-in time is up to 13 hrs. and the check-out time is up to 10:00 hrs.. If the guest wants to do the check-in or check-out at a different time we will charge him/her USD $ 45.00 (this price can vary due to the season or due to the decision of the Administration).

21.- In case of doubt or controversy the Spanish version of this policies will govern.