Calle Lima C-12, Barrio Profesional, Cuzco, Perú +51 949 719 738 / +51 958 863 759

About Us

Hello my friends. My name is Víctor Ureta. I am the owner of Ureta Hotel and would like to tell you a little about us.

This property is the result of years of work and self-sacrifice to achieve my dream of my own business. I would like to share with you some of the questions our guests asks us about the way we manage our business.

The questions frequently asked are the following: The first one, Why a hotel and not other venture? The answer is simple, for me and all my family this is not just a hotel, it is our home waiting to embrace friends not guests who at the end of their stay will become part of our family. The second question: But the hotel management is quite difficult because you have to deal with people with different personalities, backgrounds and it must be really complicated to keep everybody happy? Sure it is not a piece of cake but as in every family not everyone is equal. Each person brings something different that ends up enriching all of us in the individual and professional dimensions. As these two inquiries many others arise. We as a family ask ourselves what do we want from this enterprise? And we respond: We want you to feel that incomparable coziness you experience when you are at home, to feel part of a new family and to perceive that this is not only a comfortable place to stay but also a spot where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while you share with us how was your day.

We invite you to become part of this dream come true!

Welcome to the URETA HOTEL CUSCO!

Víctor Ureta